Snake Man and Little Guy

Ozzie has a significant breakthrough. Jeff and Jonathan Walsh square off in the wake of the impending invasion. The members of StarCrossed struggle to find meaning after the group's break-up.

Season 1 | Episode 10
Originally Aired On: December 19, 2016

Wyatt Cenac

plays Ozzie Graham -- A seasoned and respected New York print journalist who goes on a quest for answers when a mysterious car accident leaves him suffering from hallucinations of a talking deer. His search leads him to "StarCrossed," a support group for people dealing with "alien experiences." Although reluctant to identify as one of them, Ozzie discovers he has a lot more in common with the group than he would care to admit.

Ana Gasteyer

plays Gina Morrison -- After her therapy practice in New York folded following a traumatic incident, Gina became the leader and co-founder of the StarCrossed support group. Trading her fancy office and high-paying clientele for a church basement with "alien experiencers," Gina is focusing on building her new life in Beacon as best she can. She truly does love helping people, but finds an especially challenging case in Ozzie - who resists her help as she tries to get him to accept his own possible alien experience.

Oscar Nunez

plays Father Doug -- The lonely pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows, the church where StarCrossed meets, Father Doug was doing just fine until the group shook things up at his sleepy church. Even though they're often a headache for him, he can't help but get sucked into their dysfunction. The result of which sends Father Doug spiraling into questioning his life, beliefs, and quite possibly his vows as an unorthodox friendship with Chelsea develops.

Michael Cassidy

plays Jonathan Walsh -- The young titan behind Glint Enterprises--a flashy online publication--and Ozzie's boss. He's charming, ruthless and always seems to get his way. His interest in Ozzie goes well beyond work. Obsessed with being his friend for reasons Ozzie can't fathom, Walsh pursues him relentlessly.

Luka Jones

plays Gerard "Gerry" Johnson -- Beacon's self-proclaimed "alientologist" (and local marijuana advocate), Gerry is also StarCrossed's co-founder. Gerry's relationship to the group is made more complicated by the fact that he hasn't actually had an "alien experience." The ultimate fanboy, Gerry is enthusiastic about all things alien and all things StarCrossed. When Ozzie joins the group, he's determined to become best friends with the man he sees as a kindred spirit, also searching for answers about the unexplained.

Brian Huskey

plays Richard Schenk -- A mild manned VP at a company that makes jacks for Ethernet cables, and a rabid Reptilian conspiracy theorist. Richard blames the Reptilians for everything that's gone wrong in his life: being passed over for a promotion, his failed marriage, etc. Richard suspects that the Reptilians kidnapped his wife, Debbie, and regularly discusses the trauma of this in StarCrossed. His fellow group members suspect that Debbie just walked out on him.

Tracee Chimo

plays Chelsea Healey -- Doing her best to play the part of a housewife, Chelsea struggles with the monotony of it all, including her marriage, which is definitely in a rut. When Chelsea has a steamy, sexual encounter with an alien, StarCrossed meetings become the highlight of her week, becoming a place for her to be seen and heard and an excuse to get out of the house. Starved for connection, Chelsea also develops a close (and possibly inappropriate) friendship with Father Doug, the pastor at Our Lady of Sorrows.

Nancy Lenehan

plays Margaret Flood -- Margaret is having a renaissance. After losing her husband of many decades, Margaret had to start her life over as a single woman in a retirement community...who had also had an alien experience. Searching for companionship and compassion, Margaret is a bit of a group whore, belonging to as many activity clubs as there are days in the week, but StarCrossed is where she can really be honest about what happened to her that fateful night when she got up to make a midnight snack.

Da'Vine Joy Randolph

plays Yvonne Watson -- As a postal worker, Yvonne thought she'd seen all the weird stuff the world could throw at her. That is, until a green lizard man broke into her home in the middle of the night. After that, it was hard to deny the obvious: She was an "experiencer." Determined to protect herself from another encounter, Yvonne booby-traps her home and starts attending StarCrossed. She eventually tries to get to the bottom of a potential alien conspiracy in Beacon by teaming up with Beacon's foremost alientologist, Gerry.

Alice Wetterlund

plays Kelly Grady -- A woman with a less than stellar track record in relationships and long-term employment, one might say that Kelly has commitment issues. The only constant in her life is StarCrossed which she pretends to be "too cool" for, but really, it's the only thing keeping her in Beacon. Her experience, while admittedly weird, is something that she secretly cherishes because it's the only thing in her life that has made her feel "special."

Daniel Sherman

plays Ennis Hart -- Farmer, father, husband, and a man of few words, Ennis just wants to tend to his land and livestock and be left alone. But those damn aliens implanted a microphone in his head and now he can't get a moment's peace. Deeply traumatized by his encounter with the "Greys," but also deeply stoic, it takes a lot for Ennis to come to group every week and talk about his "feelings."